Joint Health Options

Ok, we know a little about just a few of the conditions that affect joint health. What are your options?

With a disease or condition like arthritis, quality of life and usefulness become issues that are often extremely hard to address. Dependence on family, neighbors and the medical profession increases. Arthritis can not only be debilitating physically but emotionally, especially when your arthritis causes you to have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, or you experience grinding pain and stiffness in the knees, hips or elbows, suffering even more progressive, disabling dilemmas. Let's not forget those stiff and swollen fingers that make even the simplest household chore next to impossible; or having to use a cane for support in private when you might be too proud to be seen using one in public. Unfortunately, this unwelcome condition affects many as we age, causing us to slow down and, in many instances, give up or extensively modify the activities we enjoy so much.

Your first step in managing arthritis is to get an early start. Do not ignore your symptoms. Some of the most dangerous words ever spoken in a doctors office are "I thought it would go away." If you have had pain, swelling or stiffness in or around your joints that lasts more than 7 days, it's time to see your doctor. Don't just assume it's an expected consequence of aging. In addition to getting an accurate diagnosis from your physician, there are lots of things you can do in just about every stage of arthritis to help.